Fatigue - Stress - Exhaustion
Treatment - prevention

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SPA weight loss - wellness

Center for prevention
of Stress
Czech Republic - Europe

SPA for Stress Relief, Czech Republic
Anti-Stress Center, near by Prague, Europe

Programs for various psychic, physical and emotional problems.

Relaxing and treatment for Stress reduction, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Burnout, Weakness, Sleep deprivation.

Method HCA - Holistic Cerebral Activation
* Unique combination of modern and traditional methods:
Shiatsu, Massage, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Hot Stones, Reflexology Massage, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Oxygen Therapy, Audio Visual Stimulation, Hydrotherapy, Herbal Bath, Wholebody Cryotherapy, Carbon Dioxid Therapy...
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* Family atmosphere, the spa capacity is 10 guests
* The helpful and friendly staff
* apart from the hectic modern lifestyle
* WBC - whole body cryotherapy - scientific data 
* Genius loci

Spa program (example):

Fatigue - Stress, Basic Program
14 nights, full board.
Treatments time: 42 hours, individually tailored methods.
Price for all: HERE

Fatigue - Stress, Short Program
10 nights, breakfast.
Treatments time: 25 hours.
Price: HERE

stress diagnostic

After 8 days program:

After Stress Treatment

The program can be combined with the treatment of back pains, overweight and obesity.

Tereza - Spirit of Spa Jablonec

Within a radius of 35 km from Jablonec nad Nisou: Bohemian Paradise, national cultural heritage - castles, chateaus, ruins of the thirteenth century. Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau Style. Museums (glass, jewellery), galleries, botanical and zoological garden. National Park "Giant Mountains - Krkonoše". Natural sceneries, rock areas, dolomitic karstic caves, wonderful landscape, mountains, dams. Summer and winter sports, hiking. 60 min far from the capital Prague.. Other Tips for trips.

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