The whole body cryotherapy (WBC)

solution of health problems

Since 2008 is WBC – whole body cryotherapy one very effective part of physiotherapy programs. The cryotherapy can support healing in rheumatic disorders, inflammations, swellings, chronicle pains, helps after joints surgery, speeds up healing.

SPA – Lázně Jablonec

Czech Republic, Europe
Discreet SPA with capacity for 10 clients.
Since 1992

We offer individually designed spa programs. Most desired are stays with Stress Relief and Weight Loss program. Good results are achieved through a unique combination of traditional and modern methods, such as magnetic and audiovisual stimulation, dry carbon dioxide bath, cryotherapy.

Program Cryo Expres,
13 nights, B&B, 25x cryocabin-  EUR 820,- (price for one session EUR 14,-)

Jablonec nad Nisou is a little town in North Bohemia, 100 km far from capital Prague, in the beautiful magical landscape of Jizera Mountains.


Cryotherapy along with other treatments helps to overcome a feel of tiredness, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, insomnia, sleep disorders. Keeps down stress, depression and anxiety. Increases the self-confidence and inside power. Strengthens the memory, concentration and steadiness.

Your blood circulation and metabolic rate will increase in every session.
Weight lossing will be much easier.

Cryotherapy in cryocabin is a very safe method for any age. Very pleasant changes of psychical and physical condition occur already after the first application. Repeated visits are making the effect more useful. Optimum of applications are 10 – 25. The procedure can be applied few times a day. The minimal interval between each application is 4 hours.

Lázně Jablonec. Klinické zaměření specializované na stres, deprese, únavu a vyčerpání. Programy připravuje psycholog s týmem terapeutů. Využíváme kombinace velmi účinných metod psychologie i specifickou atmosféru místa.
Lázně Jablonec, garden in summer

The procedure itself is without any stress feelings. You will enter the cryocabin in warm socks and underwear. The high of polarium floor must be adjusted to the top edge of the room, so person´s head can be freely over the top. When the room is closed, it gets cold up to -150°C for 2-4 minutes. You are in contact with operating personnel for all the time of the process. So you are able to stop it any time you wish.

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Within a radius of 35 km from Jablonec nad Nisou: national cultural heritages – castles, chateaus, ruins of the thirteenth century. galleries. Natural sceneries, rock borough, dolomitic karstic caves, wonderful landscape. 60 min far from the capital Prague.

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