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Whole Body Cryotherapy, Depression Whole Body Cryotherapy - Anti- Ageing

Whole Body Cryotherapy ( WBC ) - cryocabin.

Cryotherapy Amundsen:

Program helps to heal downbeat, stress, depresion, rheumatic and chronic disorders, arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, exhaustion, overweight, ...

Primary treatment: Whole Body cryotherapy in cryocabin. About WBC - Scientific Articles

Other treatments: Magnetic stimulation of brain, Craniosacral therapy, Auditory and visual stimulation (AVS), Carbon Dioxide Bath, Shiatsu, Hot Stones, Bath with Mud, Lymphatic Drainage, Bath with Dead Sea Salt, Magnet therapy, Massage ....

A tailor-made program is possible.

When You have just a little time:

Cryo Expres 
3 nights, 8 x cryocabin
                  6 nights, 17 x cryocabin

Cryotherapy Basic
13 nights, 25x Cryocabin

Cryotherapy Plus

13 nights + 25x Cryocabin + 25x other treatment

Relax Cryo
2 nights, B&B, 4x Cryocabin


6 nights, B&B, 10x Cryocabin, 2x Lymphmassage Lymfoven, excellent by Cellulitis and Lipolysis.

Price list HERE

Heart attack, angina pectoris, pulmonary embolism. Extreme hypertension, clotted blood vessels and clots in the blood vessels. Poor function of thyroid. Pregnancy.

More about wholebody cryotherapy: HERE

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