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Whole Body Cryotherapy, Depression Whole Body Cryotherapy - Anti- Ageing

Cryosauna Cryostream Cryotherapy
Polar cryo-chamber, Whole Body Cryotherapy in cryo sauna.

SPA Jablonec in the Czech republic, Europe

Cryotherapy Amundsen: – healing by extreme cold, extremely low temperatures below minus 150°C. Cryo-lipo slimming, cryolipolysis effect.

Stay with Cryotherapy helps to heal rheumatic and chronic disorders, arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, exhaustion, downbeat, overweight, ...

Cryo Expres:
13 nights, 25 x Cryotherapy    765,- EUR
  6 nights, 17 x Cryotherapy    480,- EUR  
  3 nights,   8 x Cryotherapy    250,- EUR

Cryotherapy Plus

13 nights + 25x treatment in Cryocabin, 25x cure with: Dry Carbon Dioxide Bath
UV light, Bath with Mud, Bath with Dead Sea Salt, Magnet therapy, Massage .... Prices

Relax Cryo
2 nights, B&B, 4x Cryocabin
6 nights, B&B, 10x Cryocabin, 2x Lymphmassage Lymfoven, excellent by Cellulitis and Lipolysis. Prices

The principle of the whole body cryotherapy - how does the cryochamber work.
The extreme low temperature for human organism works like a signal for unbelievable strong mobilization of all processes of protecting the live itself. The blood vessels and the lymphatic system are dilated in very short time. It´s coming to a huge peripheral excess of blood and trachytrophism (fast metabolism). The storage of tissues by blood, oxygen and nutrients increases roughly four times in comparison with the normal state of the body. Likewise is speeding up burning the metabolites by blood and lymphatic system. The production of enzymes and hormones is raising which increases the physical and psychical immunity (such as endorphins, dopamine, serotonin – the hormones of happiness). It accelerates anti-inflammatory and healing processes. The production and growth of new cellules is speeding. The nerve receptors cause a declining reaction to pain which the body stops to feel for a few hours. Fat cells are broken. The medicine doesn’t know any other way to evoke such levels and complex of actions. More about the method: HERE

The cryotherapy – cooling down as a healing agent – is known in medicine for centuries. Wincenz Priessnitz has thought up his own healing system on iced water utilization. Local cryotherapy: the iced application is the one of the common therapeutic processes mainly with the healing of locomotive organs, rheumatic anti-inflammatory disorder. But after the 80th of the last century the engineering has developped how to heal the full body by extreme low temperature. The origin of this revolution therapy is in Japan. The first clinical issue has been gained by the therapy of rheumatic joints disorders and asthma. By now the method is successfully used mainly in Germany, Austria, Poland and other countries in Europe.

The use of the cryotherapy

The sportsmen benefit from the cryotherapy for better achievement, faster recovery and physiotherapy. Manager under stress. Patients with acute and chronic disorders, distress, exhaustion, downbeat. Obese people in weight loss and lipolysis programs. Women for strong cosmetics effect, with lipolaser cure etc.

Whole Body Cryotherapy, Cryotherapy - cryochamber Lipolysis in cryo , Kryoterapy - cryosauna

The most often application of polar-cryotherapy:
Used in sport area. By extreme vascular of skin, ligaments, sinews, muscles and joints are turning the muscles to stronger power. Better tolerance to physical stress and reducing the pain. Faster recovery after stress, healing painful states, accidents, bruised wounds, inflammatory processes in joints and ligaments, sprained or turned muscles and ligaments, even the process of physiotherapy. Helps by reduction, treatment and rehabilitation at acute and chronic sport traumas.
Cosmetic - general rejuvenation of organism. The strong anti-ageing effect was proven as well as slow degeneration of underskin tissue. The regeneration of energy is very exacting. It's taken up to 200 calories. In fact the amount of fat cells under the skin is smaller. More about weight loss and slimming HERE.
Cellulite and obesity fighting - the inflammatory centres which are responsible for cellulite and fat cells are destroyed by temperature of tissue under 5 degree C. The repetition of processes leads to quick weight loss.

Cryotherapy is a great supplement to any surgery on the skin.

Whole Body Cryotherapy, criostream

after 10 days

The whole body cryotherapy, 
solution of health problems.

Over 30 years the cryotherapy
is used all over the world. The successes in many areas of medicine were proven with evidence. The cryotherapy can support healing and physiotherapy in rheumatic disorders such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism in soft tissues,ankylosis spondylitis (m. bechterev), reactiv arthritis – Reiter disorder, arthritis of small joints as well as of nose. Neurological disorder, multiple sclerosis, m. parkinson, spastic paralysis, chronicle back pain, neurology sedentary nerve, orthopedic disorders, after carrier joints surgery, after prolapsed disk surgery. The lungs disorders, asthma and spastic bronchitis. The skin disorders, psoriasis. It´s a great therapy for chronic pain including migraine.

Cryotherapy helps very effectively to overcome a feel of tiredness and exhaustion. It also keeps down depression and anxiety for a long time. It increases the self-confidence and inside power. Strengthens the memory, concentration and steadiness.
Cryotherapy is a very safe method for any age. Very pleasant changes of psychical and physical condition occur already after the first application. Repeated visits are making the effect more useful. Optimum of applications are 10 - 25. The procedure can be applied few times a day. The minimal interval between each application is 4 hours.

The cryotherapy application
The own process is very pleasant without any stress feelings. You will enter the cryoroom in warm socks and underwear. The high of polarium floor must be adjusted to the top edge of the room, so person´s head can be freely over the top. When the room is closed, it gets cold up to -150°C for 2-4 minutes. You are in contact with operating personnel for all the time of the process. So you are able to stop it any time you wish.

Heart attack, angina pectoris, pulmonary embolism. Extreme hypertension, clotted blood vessels and clots in the blood vessels. Poor function of thyroid. Pregnancy.

More about wholebody cryotherapy: HERE

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