Adiposity - obesity.

Weight loss and slimming - spa Weight loss in Europe Czech republic

Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, Europe.
Nice, discrete, private. SPA with capacity for 10 clients.

Weight loss

CALM - complex activation of lipid metabolism prevents yoyo effect.

ADIPOSITY - OBESITY, full program:

InBody, diagnostic with method DSM-BIA*.
Daily 3 calories poor meal and 3 strong diet coctails, Natural Fat Burner,
multi Minerals and Vitamins.

* VacuShape, Vibro Plate, exercise, cross trainer, treademill
* Lymph-Drainage
* Bandage Beautytherm Profi
* Polar Space Cabin Cryo-lipolysis
* G-Lipo Laser treatment
* Magnetic stimulation of metabolism
* Carbon dioxide Bath

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Transfer, from airport Prague to Jablonec SPA, 110,- EUR
Accommodation in small flat: + 15,- EUR/night

What loss of weight can you expect?

First 20 days on average 7 - 9 kg. Result is dependent on start condition (BMI, type of metabolism, age, previous way of eating ..), health and activity. Results are best for clients aged 20-50 years, without dietary attempts in the last 2 years. Older age and previous starvation slows metabolizm down. Then it is necessary to plan the process of weight loss for a longer period. Therefore, the best results are not achieved for all.

Results - examples:
Mr. M. M., age 24, hight 195 cm.
Start weight 133,5 kg.
After one month minus 15 kg, after 50 days nearly minus 40 pounds ..

Mr. R. B., age 30.
Start weight 167,3 kg.
after 6 weeks, mínus 27 pounds, (24 lbs fat).


weight loss 40 pounds

Kryolipolysis Jablonec

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Within a radius of 35 km from Jablonec nad Nisou: Bohemian Paradise, national cultural heritages - castles, chateaus, ruins of the thirteenth century. Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau Style. Museums (glass, jewellery), galleries, botanical and zoological garden. 60 min far from the capital Prague..

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